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you have to create a telegram file forwarding bot like https: j...

  • rsoorajs
    rsoorajs Level 2
  • Bot, Telegram

    Your job is to get approved my upwork profile somehow using your skills. i ...

  • rsoorajs
    rsoorajs Level 2
  • Freelanc, Facebook

    Your target is Create One Simple job in UPwork what ever you want for 1 ..A...

  • rsoorajs
    rsoorajs Level 2
  • Facebook, Youtube, Money

    Hello, I can pay good for US and JP iOS traffic. I need more than 500k day....

  • komad
    komad Level 1
  • Traffic

    Hello sir i need Relevant niche to post my banner i will send you my budget...

  • KMPP
    KMPP Level 1
  • Banner, Posting

    Hello, we are looking for an adult traffic provider, mainly USA. There are ...

  • x3raphim
    x3raphim Level 1
  • Traffic, Marketin, Socialme

    We are looking for Resellers. Are you ready to market our social media serv...

  • bigig
    bigig Level 2
  • Socialme, Marketin

    Hello guys, please help me to increase my follower count. I want do increas...

  • manuellauro
    manuellauro Level 1
  • Socialme, Soundclo

    70k soundcloud likes 1 70k soundcloud likes 1 70k soundcloud likes 1 70k so...

    BADDIERED Level 1
  • Socialme

    i need an daily quotes android app with php admin panel. If anyone have ple...

  • rinkudahiya
    rinkudahiya Level 3
  • App

    Hey, guys please I need help.I need 19,000 a real SUB on my Y.T channel wit...

  • Brain27
    Brain27 Level 1
  • Youtube, Computer, Traffic

    ?Hi, I want to sale a specific product by online. For publicity, I want Fre...

  • tawhidurrahmand
    tawhidurrahmand Level 1
  • Blogging, Articles, Seo

    i want to be able to keep a track on who invites who so i can reward them ....

  • LondonsEnergy
    LondonsEnergy Level 3
  • Coding

    Talented individual who can write well researched and quality content in fe...

  • iivg
    iivg Level 1
  • Articles, Research, Content

    Hi I need 5 large human manual comments to a vid. The comments must be manu...

  • Sabrin
    Sabrin Level 3
  • Youtube, Video

    1000 Plays SoundCloud 1000 SoundCloud Download SoundCloud: Explore the lar...

  • aliciegiardin
    aliciegiardin Level 1
  • Soundclo, Play, Download

    hello, i have new website launched. great website with great contents, plea...

  • cherry2014
    cherry2014 Level 1
  • Online, Marketin

    This job is only for those people who have a Google Play Developer Account....

  • TheRealRio
    TheRealRio Level 3
  • Google, Play, Develope

    i need someone to provide me 1 million youtube views i have video but need ...

  • 1987YOUNG13
    1987YOUNG13 Level 1
  • Computer

    want make small program that have list of Tracking number and phone number ...

  • r3dr3d
    r3dr3d Level 1
  • Programm

    Hi, i need some experienced guy who can submit one article into 30 high PR ...

  • Harrymartin
    Harrymartin Level 1
  • Article, Writing, Content

    I am looking for someone to develop a screen sharing software using PHP, Ja...

  • nwosudickson
    nwosudickson Level 1
  • Php, Java

    I want 5000 Google circles real & Shares mixed real people. 2500 G 2500...

  • jetsetter081268
    jetsetter081268 Level 3
  • Socialme

    I want 5000 Real friends on Google Real followers no fake followers must be...

  • jetsetter081268
    jetsetter081268 Level 3
  • Script, Marketin, Likes

    Looking for a English content writer that can provide about 250 articles 80...

  • ciprian220
    ciprian220 Level 1
  • Content

    It is ?Wanted 500 fresh new signup for a job site ! Unique and natural part...

  • purbitaditecha
    purbitaditecha Level 4
  • Ip, Hiding, Signup

    i want logo and banner .......................3 for new website...............

  • bala2014
    bala2014 Level 1
  • Blogging

    Hello, I need a press release writing and submission in most PR distributer...

  • azednet
    azednet Level 1
  • Press, Promoter, Promote

    i want to buy traffic for my site, which can open pop ups of my site. Messa...

  • akhildudeja
    akhildudeja Level 1
  • Web, Experts

    We are looking for the website promoters to promote our new website. messag...

  • deepak20c
    deepak20c Level 1
  • Socialme, Marketin, Seo

    I need script for a small mortgage firm that would hold customer details an...

  • valueice
    valueice Level 1
  • Php, Script, Web

    I want 10 million personal email address of Indian Doctors and healthcare p...

  • manish
    manish Level 1
  • Scraping, Typing, Data

    I am looking to order a 1000 Word Article about a Xbox PlayStation Nintendo...

  • Sean101
    Sean101 Level 1
  • Writing, Spelling, Grammar

    I need someone who can provide youtube views which will be updated in youtu...

  • youtubedealing
    youtubedealing Level 1
  • Youtube

    Hey, so i am looking to buy as much LEGO as i can as me and my son are buil...

  • Sean101
    Sean101 Level 1
  • Lego, Toys, Blocks

    I have a 500 word document in Swahili that I need translated to English. I ...

  • Drake83
    Drake83 Level 3
  • Swahili

    I am wanting to buy from several bidders 10 Questions each to be posted on ...

  • Sean101
    Sean101 Level 1
  • Writing, Posting, Typing

    I am wanting people to write me some gaming articles for my Xbox Forum Xbox...

  • Sean101
    Sean101 Level 1
  • Writing, Grammar, Spelling

    I am wanting several members from here to make new posts on my Xbox Forum X...

  • Sean101
    Sean101 Level 1
  • Writing, Articles, Posting