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Stop Smoking- Subliminal Message

STOP SMOKING with Subliminal embedded messages. You will not hear any of the AUDIBLE messages. All messages are digitally mixed into spacey, trippy music at a rate of 68 BPM. The spacey music is not good for when you are trying to sleep. Use during the day around mid-day. 100% SUBLIMINAL DIGITAL RECORDING was mixed on a 24 track digital recorder and mixed down to an MP3 for an instant download.

All messages are recorded at BETA - ALPHA - DELTA - THETA and GAMMA Frequencies. Messages pan to the left and right ear and also use stereo to affect left and right brain people. All messages and the frequencies used are aimed to quickly trigger positive brain waves for maximum results.


* Do not use this subliminal message/music while driving a car, operating heavy machinery, caring for children or anything else that requires your full attention!


Stop smoking Subliminal Subliminal messages

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