• The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn - Real life addiction stories ebook
This eBook shares stories from my life in active addiction.The purpose of this eBook is not to shock or entertain people but rather to show non-addicts what it is like to be trapped in the cycle of addiction.It is also to give hope to addicts that are stuck in addiction. If I can get clean and find happiness in recovery then it is also possible for other drug addicts.This is the first of 3 eBooks I will be writing. The next eBook will be sharing my journey into recovery, how I got clean. The last book will be from my life in recovery.This eBook is 48 page long and over 21 000 words, sharing 14 different stories from my active addiction.FOR AFFILIATESlease note the I have made the affiliate commission for this eBook 20% instead of the normal 10% so please feel free to share your affiliate link if you like my book. Please also feel free to inbox me if you want to promote my eBook with your affiliate link, I will be happy to issue you with some promotional materials!

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  • joannemrose1
    joannemrose1 2 years ago

    What a fascinating and insightful look in to the life of Lynne Huysamen, who shares openly and honestly about her drug addicted past. It was such an eye opener for me who was in a relationship with a drug addict for 2.5 years. It answered many questions I have often wondered about. I have been to Nar Anon meetings, spoken to a councellor and read on addiction but there was something about Lynne's book that helped me tremendously. Highly recommended.

    • Lynne

      Joanne thank you for such a lovely review of my eBook. I am so pleased that you enjoyed it and that it helped you reach a better understanding of addiction.

  • Nickygp
    Nickygp 2 years ago

    Hi Lynne thank you for having the courage to share your experience and shine some light into the dark corners of addiction. A devastating disease for all it touches. You weave a compelling narative and have a way with words that leaves me looking forward to future instalments. A must read!

    • Lynne

      Thanks Nick! I am so pleased that you enjoyed my eBook. I hope to bring out some more eBooks soon, I still need to tell the story about how I made my way into recovery. I also want to write an eBook about life in recovery too.

      Yes the eBook you wrote is quite dark and raw but I need to show how it really is, how bad and crazy addiction is... before I can show the journey into recovery.

  • AMHrosie
    AMHrosie 2 years ago

    How high can ratings go? That's exactly what I rate this .... AT THE TOP! My own experiences flew thew my mind while reading this very personal glimpse into your own 'hell'....Even if a person is not an alcoholic or addict....your book gives an exceptional view of what 'reality' becomes for way too many. You have risen from depths that are hard to describe to another person, yet your book explains it all.... I especially loved how you reach out to others; your book will t

    • Lynne

      Oh wow Rosie, thank you for such incredible feedback about my eBook I am so glad you enjoyed it and yes I do hope that it helps lots of people!

  • jannahastings
    jannahastings 2 years ago

    This is a gritty real-life view on the paradoxical internal logic of addiction through the experiences of someone who spent years of her life in darkness but ultimately recovered. A brave and generous gift of unflinching honesty, softened by a good dose of humor and a happy ending. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to better understand addiction.

    • Lynne

      Thank you for buying my book and for such great feedback Janna

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